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The Ontario Business Community Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution.

When public groups and private businesses pool their resources, talent and commitment to help others, great things happen.

The Ontario Vaccination Support Council (OVSC) is an organization dedicated to advocating for increased access to vaccinations in the Canadian province of Ontario. The OVSC works to ensure that all Ontarians have access to vital vaccines, making sure that everyone can be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. They provide information and resources about vaccinations to both healthcare providers and the general public, helping them understand why immunization is so important.

The OVSC advocates for lower costs of vaccines and works with provincial governments to help improve legislation related to vaccination. By educating individuals on the benefits of vaccinations, they’re working towards a healthier future free of preventable illnesses.


In addition, the OVSC also focuses on sports betting and gambling. They strive to make sure that people are aware of the risks involved in gambling, as well as providing resources for those who may need help with addiction or problem gambling. The OVSC has also partnered with Playabets login, an online platform where people can gamble safely and responsibly by setting limits and self-exclusion options. Through this partnership, individuals have access to a safe space where they can learn more about responsible gambling while still having access to a wide range of entertainment options.

The Council's work includes:

  • Two-way communication between the private sector and public health units so that the organizations, universities, colleges, associations and labour unions can volunteer time or resources to the province’s vaccination efforts.

  • Resources to the general public by providing links to key public health information and resources.

  • A consolidated directory of capabilities and services within Ontario’s business community and Ontario Chamber Network that could be utilized by government, hospitals and public health in the distribution of vaccinations.

  • Shared policies, best practices and approaches with government to ensure the maximum participation of employers and their employees in vaccination efforts with a specific focus on being proactive and removing barriers.


If you believe your business can provide services or support to the Task Force to help implement Ontario's vaccination program, please fill out the forms above to advise on your capacity to support any of the aforementioned priority areas.

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